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re: Welcome to Kunark - First Guild Epic - Celleboop


Avast ye maties!  Drop what you're doin and listen up!

Our great Ship landed on the shores of the Ruins of Kunark and the plundering began!  Many scoured Trakanon's Teeth to find hunters and foragers to get their medallions of Kunzar and Nathsar to hand in to Emperor Ganak to receive their key to Old Sebelis.

Many others invaded the ancient Sarnak military fortress known as Chardok.

And we began leveling... Ship Wrecked has a DKP bonus for level 60:

  • 6/12/19 for an additional 20 DKP
  • 6/19/19 for an additional 10 points. 

NOTE: Only one reward can be claimed.


We had our very first Ship Wrecked epic in guild only about 48 hours into the expansion! 

Congratulations Celleboop - our gnomish necromancer for acquiring the first Ship Wrecked epic. 

I expect many will soon follow in Celle's foot steps as the first weekend of Kunark launch rounds out we are doing Sky for some of our Monks tonight and we are doing other epic fights on Sunday evening as well.


Our guild is efficient and puts in the effort to get our levels and help our guild mates with epic fights.

As a note - our guild has made the decision to not bother keying for Veeshan's Peak.  We will be doing off night VP later in expansion for all who have keys.


Come talk to us by applying and joining us in Discord. 


Apply Today: Apply to Ship Wrecked here 

Join us in discord:



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