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re: Ship Wrecked Completes Luclin


We are now one third of the way through the Luclin expansion - the moon has handily been defeated and all of the bosses have given up their hoarded treasure.  Over the last two weeks we have defeated Emperor in his room, Lord Inquisitor Seru and Aten Ha Ra.

Lord Inquisitor Seru

Luclin has given us Beastlords and Vah Shir, the bazaar has been wonderful to quickly find just the right item for a character or alt.  Luclin has new music, it has new textures and has beautiful scenery wherever I have gone.  In my opinion, Shadows of Luclin has been a tremendous success for Ship Wrecked.

Our keying process went swiftly - between shard farming, orb gathering on off night raids and getting Emperor Ssraeshza keys for our force we've been very busy this first four weeks.

Emperor Ssraeshza

Week five begins even more fun - perfecting our technique in Vex Thal to clear our content including all mini bosses and Aten Ha Ra herself in our allotted 4 and a half hours on Sunday night.

Aten Ha Ra

Our goals to complete content as a guild in era have already been completed.  We have conquered our goals for the moon and now are just raking in the loot for the remaining 8 weeks.

Our strong and formidable team has some openings.  We are looking to recruit some great personalities as well as players into our ranks.  We need clerics of course as well as Paladins, Mages and Wizards.

We also could use a few more support healers - Druids and Shaman would round out our heal team nicely.  A level 60 beastlord or two would be nice as well.

Raid nights T/Th 8:30–11:30 pm EST and Sunday 7–11:30 pm EST.

Apply today! Applicants must be level 60+. fill out an application.

Join us in discord :


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