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re: And here be (ice) dragons...Arrrggghhh


Ice Dragon

A time-worn mound of solid rock,
thrusts through the earth, and awes the world.
So high and jagged, a subzero fang,
Come to investigate 'fore mouth follows.

Crystal wings spread,
Cracking with age and stillness,
Awake at last after a million year slumber,
Soon the beast will snap closed its jaws.

And the world will be swallowed in a single bite,
Clamped in inescapable darkness,
Until we drown in it, our souls turn black -
The Ice Dragon will be victorious.
Not today Lady Vox...You were not victorious THIS day.  Our band of pirates fought well and the ice dragon melted before us.  
Yay Strummin! One of our newer members
Two white dragon hides and an RBB were some of the highlights of her loot table.  I believe we also had that spear that rogues go all shifty for.
We continued on to sky and got some epic bits for folks and got some quests completed.  It was a good haul for Ship Wrecked.
Monday was Plane of Hate armor clearing and we cleared Maestro without missing a beat.  This Wednesday is a Fear night and we'll be attempting Draco and CT.  Good times and good loot to be had.
Open recruitment is nearly closing so join now while you won't have to go through a recruitment period.  We're ready to complete all classic content in era.

Apply Today: Apply to Ship Wrecked here

Join us in discord:


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