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re: Of Gods and Men (and Women) (Part 2)


(and Women)

PART TWO - Facing our FEARS


Ship Wrecked has made great progress on our quest to clear all content in era.  We defeated Cazic Thule - the God of Fear.


We cleared the entire Plane of Fear including Draco and Cazic Thule and even ended early.


Mid fight action shot


We even had one of our dedicated rangers present for the kill even though he wasn't online!


Ship Wrecked has one final major milestone to complete and five raids left to get it done.  Eye of Veeshan, we are coming for you!

Place holder image - will be replaced with ACTUAL EoV soon!


Open Recruitment is ending May 29, 2019.  Come join us now where you'll immediately be invited as a full member of our Crew.  After 5/29 we'll be in a recruitment period.  Our doors are never closed.  Come talk to us for a place on our raid.  Our guild was formed end of April and our very first raid was 4/22.  Ship Wrecked is just over a month old and we've already completed nearly all progression targets in Classic era.  Come join us for more dragons in Kunark and all the epic fights that await.


I've mentioned to our raid recently - this guild is some of the most skilled EQ players I have had the pleasure of knowing.  Our raids are efficient and we make every effort to provide you with what you need to help us succeed.  Come talk to us by applying and joining us in Discord.



Apply Today: Apply to Ship Wrecked here


Join us in discord:


Cleric of Brell
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